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ATTEN AT315DH 150W High Frequency Soldering Station

ATTEN AT315DH 150W High Frequency Soldering Station




Smart recognition of working or non-working status Automatic standby, shutdown with smart time setting High frequency eddy heating element, fast heating-up, thermal recovery and high thermal capacity. Temperature locking. Beep alarm function available. Temperature read out in ℃ and F MCU controlled temperature calibration. Simulate bar indicating heating up status. User-friendly menu enables system setting easier. Separate iron stand to save room and to make easier deposit. New design with LCD display screen making control visualization. Buttons (1, 2, and 3) for pre-setting or switching frequently used temperature. Temperature up to 500℃ for high thermal capacity required circumstances. Low-voltage heater separated from power supply to keep soldering work safer. Soldering tip designed separate from heater and using exchangeable AT500 series to save use-cost.


Power:150WHeater Voltage:28VACTemperature range:150~500°C Temperature offset range:±50°C Temperature stability:±2°C (in still air, no load) Standby time:10 mins for standby function activated and the duration is fixed Setting method:adjust by buttons Temperature calibration:digital Heater:150W High frequency eddy current heating element Tip-to-ground impedance:< 2Ω Tip-to-ground voltage:< 2mV

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